Monday, 26 March 2012

The Truth shall make ye fret!

Citizen Journalism is what i'm talking about, and the beauty of it is that it can be anything, blogs, twitter, youtube, or even 'proper' news sites like the Guardian whose 'comment is free' section brings blogging into 'real news' territory.

So is letting any old tallulah, delores or harriet write whatever they like going to bring the quality of journalism down. Possibly but i really hope not.  One of the worst things about traditional news outlets, is that they're not reporting 'news', they're reporting 'olds'.  Its confirmation bias, the reason why liberal types read the guardian, wealthy capitalists (or wannabes) read the telegraph, and xenophobic idiots read the daily mail.  Confirmation bias says: i knew that!  See, i was right all along!!!  Jeremy Clarkson agrees so it must be true!! note: if Jeremy Clarkson agrees with you, you're probably wrong.

And ok, blogging, tweeting, vlogging and podcasting, can easily do the same thing, and often does.  Just google an opinion and you'll find someone espousing it, with threads full of comments agreeing with them, no matter how misguided, toxic, or just plain wrong they might be.  So, what is a reader to do in this brave new world of pressless freedom?  How about, search for the question, not the answer, and look at conflicting views.  Remember everyone has an agenda, including you, and maybe, y'know, make up your own mind...

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