Saturday, 12 May 2012

Digital Nomads...

In the last few years, i've been through one or two changes... Moved house a lot, had a relationship go thud and started another one, re-discovered my ambitions and things like that.  So far, so life-changing.  And call me Ms. 'If life gives you lemons', but i'm coming round to the idea that there are no negative experiences, not really.

I mean, yes. Obviously there are. As the great man said, life's a piece of shit when you look at it.  But, every crappy thing that happens leads to something new that wouldn't have happened otherwise.

So, one of the things i've had to do in the last few years, is to make myself more portable.  Where that becomes relevant to a nominally-tech blog, is the fact that it's technology that has allowed me to do that.  Last time i moved it was that 'breakup' thing, where you take stuff with you because 'it's mine and you never liked it anyway!!'  And then 6 months or a year later, those CDs or DVDs are sat gathering dust because you don't have anything to play them on.  Will i take them with me next time? No.  They'll go to the charity shop, or the book/cd/dvd exchange shelf at work.

I was one of those people who resisted media downloading, because it 'just didn't feel the same'.  But the way we consume media has changed beyond measure.  I don't own a TV, and i don't need one.  I'm rarely in the mood for what's on telly when its on anyway, so regular things i watch get downloaded or iplayered.  If i want films there's a multiplex nearby, and all my mp3s are loaded onto my blackberry.  I listen to more music now than i have in years, because a 6gb card is small these days and can carry all my albums in one go, no need to pick one, no need to remember to play that song i'd forgotten i liked.  Shuffle does all that for me.

Backup? Dropbox, skydrive, and a portable hard-drive cover me there.

Basically, if i can't carry it on my bike, i don't want it.  And even my bike folds in half, so it's luggage when it needs to be.

So next time i move, it'll be capsule wardrobe in a big rucksack (oh god, ditching the shoes is going to be hard though!), and anything else that won't fit in panniers doesn't get to come.  If its got dust on it, its bye bye to that thing, because i obviously don't need it.

Get me my 3G dongle and my puncture repair kit, we're outa here...