Saturday, 7 July 2012

Things that make you go: 'bloody hell, google!'

So, igoogle is going.  Damn it!  Apparently the reason is that not enough people used it, and er, you can get themes on chrome.  So that's alright then.  Except that: what if you are one of those people who use the damn thing?  I don't have an android phone, i have a blackberry.  I also use at least two different computers in the course of a day, my work pc and my netbook.  Do i want to have to install 'apps' on both of them to be able to access what i used to via a simple browser?  Not particularly.  I'm not really an 'apps' kind of girl.

Anyway google, i though we were supposed to be doing everything in the browser now?  Isn't that the idea behind chrome OS?  Ok, its your company and its a free service* you can do what you want, but seriously?  I had my google homepage set up just as i liked it, i use it mainly for RSS feeds anyway.  I like the fact that i can be logged into my email, and then go straight to a page that's got a list of updates of all my favourite blogs and news feeds.

An android weather app ain't gonna cut it.  Bad choice, google...

*subject to all those yummy metrics that actually make google their money