Friday, 7 September 2012

I Still like Windows 8...

Which is why i've gone back to windows 7.  Er, what?  Well, after a flirtation with ubuntu (which died after they decided to make everything orange and take away the settings where you can't change the colours), i've been running preview versions of windows 8 for probably about 6 months thinking about it!  And i liked it.  It was pretty minimal, didn't get in the way too much, and just did its thing really.  Which was its downfall.

Thing is, i have a netbook. Or a 'cheap laptop' as the late Mr Jobs sneeringly referred to them (oh yeah? As compared to an expensive oversized ipod?), which was exactly what i wanted.  Ideally i'd run a version of chrome OS on it that had the right drivers for the touchpad and worked offline, and the closest i could get to that was actually windows 8.

So why have i ditched it?  Simple answer.  Screen resolution.  My dinky little Hp 110 has a 1024x576 screen, which is a massive 4 pixels short of what microsoft have set in stone as the bare minimum to run the funky (allegedly, i haven't seen it) interface-formerly-known-as-metro, which is apparently all tablet-tastic, so i've been using desktop mode exclusively, and removed nearly everything except what would normally be my desktop shortcuts from the start screen.  I liked it like that.  It made me less reliant on mouse clicks to open things, i used the windows key on my keyboard for the first time in my life ever, despite having first used windows when it was called 'Gem' and came on massive floppies.

Probably, at some time in 2013, i will buy a laptop.  I expect it'll have a touchscreen, and a higher screen resolution, but still be easily baggable.  And it'll have windows 8, and i'll be fine with that.

And by the way.  The infamous 'argh, they got rid of the start button' for windows 8? I hate the start button.  It annoys me disproportionately, with its menus and its hiding everything in massive 'ooh look how many programs i've got' lists.  I want what i need and everything else can sod off out of my way.  I killed my original windows xp install on my netbook playing with 'transformation packs', one of which accidentally managed to uninstall windows explorer while trying to get rid of it, and actually, opening a browser from the command prompt?  Slightly less annoying than that chirpy little 'start' label or 'orb' that sits in the corner of my screen.

So i suppose what i need is a windows 8 start screen for windows 7.  There's probably a transformation pack...