Monday, 13 January 2014

Write, record, release

I'm in a band! Sort of.  Anyway, that's something you can go find out all about by going here  - should you be interested in silly songs in a variety of styles, and why wouldn't you? Tales of serial killing disco dancers, apocalyptic allotments and an atheist christmas song (ok, bit late for that one) can be downloaded for the princely sum of naught pence!

How are we able to put our creative ridiculousness out into the world free for your delectation?  Technology of course!  Back in the olden days it cost a fortune to get the fruit of your tascam 4-track copied to C60 or even, if you were flash, pressed up to vinyl.  Now?  A couple of recycled dells, a selection of instruments and some open source and/or cheap software and we're off, rockin' in the free world of the 21sr century internet.

Of course, because tech is weird, we have the odd very swish digital gadget to make our guitars sound pretty, and the very best thing is: the kit we use is so advanced, it can pretend to run off of valves!  Yes, valves, obsolete 1940s technology that just happens to make guitars, basses, and vocals sound yummy.

There's really no pleasing us humans is there?  No doubt when we do manage to invent warp drive we'll buid it into something that looks like a spitfire.  Which would be awesome. Obviously.