Sunday, 18 January 2015

Analogue vs digital

Yes, that old chestnut...  Well, its kind of a new chestnut but only because digital tech isn't that old.  But anyway.  I have been giving myself angst over plugging my beloved bass, aka Miss Fifi La Bass, into little boxes that make her do things. 

I have a bunch of boxes, most of which are cheap, and most of which run off transistors, but one particular one runs off microchips.  This would be my elderly Zoom 505, mk1, bought in 1999, and did me sterling service, making my guitar make so many sounds i never thought it could.  When i switched to bass, i started using the 505 because it was what i had. Then i did a bad thing.  I looked on amazon for stompboxes.  I started small, you know, like you do. A cheap knock off DI / overdrive pedal which really improved my sound.  Then a tremolo, because i'd always wanted to be in Portishead, and before i knew it, there was a classic fuzz and a wah-wah.

But i do have a sentimental attachment to the baby Zoom.  Its old now, and while analogue seems to feel different, does it really? Is it really more real? Does it really matter? 

I'm currently in a situation where i have a new, great sounding practice amp (Warwick Blue cab 15.1, its fab! And discontinued! Mine's 'new to me' but was super cheap, i have no idea why) and time to fiddle with boxes.  And you know what?  My venerable zoom, stuck in front of a decent sounding amp, doesn't sound half bad. Especially with the 'no i am totally a marshal' pedal at one end and the tremolo and classic fuzz at the other. I may well use it at the next IED gig...

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